ReMIXed & AutoTUNEd

Modern music vocab:

a song that has been edited to sound different from the original version.

uses a  device to alter pitch (notes) for voice or instrument. It was originally intended to disguise or correct off-key mistakes, allowing vocal recordings to be perfectly in tune.

The following  are examples of both remixed and auto-tuned songs. In the first video, clips of Mr. Rogers’ words are edited to make lyrics, then  his voice is auto-tuned into a melody for the song.

Which remixed/auto-tuned video did you like the best? Why?

At your next lesson, tell me what it means to remix and auto-tune a song/voice/instrument.


2 thoughts on “ReMIXed & AutoTUNEd

  1. I liked the mister rogers one because it had way more auto tune. my second one was mary poppins. my last one is the alice one.

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