Star Wars

This video is for all you Star Wars fans! Have fun listening to the lyrics 🙂
Click the Closed Captions (CC) button to view the lyrics and sing along!

Did you notice there are no instruments being played? That’s a lot of sound for just 4 voices!
A cappella, is an Italian word which means to sing without instrumental accompaniment.

If you had to compose a song about your favourite movie, which movie would it be? Can you describe what your song would sound like? For example: would it be a cappella, orchestrated, a folk or rock style, exciting, sad, in a major or minor key, etc.

At your next lesson, describe what the word, “A cappella” means, and repeat the very last line of the song (“John Williams__________.”).


2 thoughts on “Star Wars

  1. That was very good! I like the 4 voices all at the same time. That was funny! I would play soft alternative music in a major scale in Cars 2.

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