London 2012

Did you watch the Olympic opening ceremonies this afternoon? Here is a video montage of Olympic athletes and events set to some very epic music by the band Muse.

Muse is an English rock band. They are known for their fusion of many music genres including space rock, progressive rock, alternative rock, heavy metal, classical music and electronica.

Watch the video, and listen to how the song builds and crescendos to a mega-triple-fortissimo-possible!!! Can you hear the operatic voices in the background?

What do you think of the band Muse? Which Olympic events will you be watching?

At your next lesson, name all the colours in the Olympic Rings.


6 thoughts on “London 2012

  1. Hey Lindsay,
    i actually really like them! at first at the very beginning of the song i thought they were kind of weird but i listened to all of it and really liked it! i will be watching the horse jumping, swimming, volleyball and gymnastics!
    Thanks for updating the blog!

    • You win the gold medal for fastest response yet! Muse is on my running soundtrack; they make me feel like a super hero! Every step I take is backed by a victorious an epic sound. I like your choice of Olympic events – I feel like they suit you very well 🙂

  2. I like it because it was quiet at the beginning and got louder and the electric guitar sound. In the Olympics I am going to watch basketball and swimming and volleyball and soccer.

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