Justin Bieber vs Dirty Loops

Here are 2 versions of the song, “Baby”:
Listen to the original by Justin Bieber, then listen to the remixed version by the band Dirty Loops. Which style do you prefer, and why? Leave your opinions in the comment box below – There are no right or wrong answers!

If you liked Dirty Loops‘ version, listen to their other covers (Adele, Rhianna, Lady Gaga, and more) on YouTube.


11 thoughts on “Justin Bieber vs Dirty Loops

    • Hi Louis,

      Props for leaving the first comment ever on this brand new blog! I think Justin Bieber’s, “Baby” has a very crisp and clear sound, and is easier to listen to. Dirty Loops tends to add funky/jazzy embellishments to their covers – busy bass lines can be difficult to follow.

      Looking forward to reading more of your comments!
      PS: Thanks for the card 🙂

    • Hi Brigitte,

      Thanks for replying! Dirty Loops’ singer probably sounds out of tune because he uses complicated scales with lots of flats and sharps in his improvisations.

    • Hi Kesia,

      Thanks for listening and responding! Justin Bieber’s version may sound slower because he uses lots of quarter and eighth notes, while Dirty Loops uses lots of sixteenth notes which are twice as fast as eighth notes.

      Hope you’re enjoying summer vacation 🙂

  1. Hey Lindsay,
    i like the first version better. i think it’s because i’ve heard this song soooooooooooooo many times before and im just used to it. although the other version is cool!!!

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